St. Mary's Medical Education

CME Mission Statement

The mission of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program at St. Mary’s Healthcare System, Inc.® is to support St. Mary’s mission and values by improving the health of our communities, and each person we serve. This goal is accomplished by producing quality education that promotes knowledge, competence, and performance of physicians and other allied healthcare professionals.

Activities developed are to be based on evidence- based practice, and the most up- to- date clinical guidelines; and will meet established standards for Category 1 CME accreditation. CME activities provide physicians and other allied healthcare professionals with an avenue for interaction to share ideas and experiences. The expected result of the comprehensive CME program is to enable physicians to achieve and maintain knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to provide patient care at optimal levels.

CME learning activities will be linked to practice- based needs. Changes in physician competence, performance, and/ or patient outcomes will be measured and shared with the CME Committee for evaluation, and follow- up of further learning opportunities. The CME Committee will report achieved results and additional needs to the Medical Executive Committee, and Senior Leadership Team.

Responsibilities of the CME Department

The CME Department has direct responsibility for all aspects of educational activities approved for Category 1 credit. To this end, all activities requesting CME credit must meet the ACCME Essentials and their Elements as outlined earlier. Further, the CME Department and Advisory Committee must also adhere to the guidelines from the ACCME.

The principle goal of the CME Department is to be available to help the faculty group to accomplish the accreditation process as thoroughly and easily as possibly. Questions related to any aspect of the process should be directed to the CME Department.

The CME Department must be involved with all aspects of the process and direct the sequence of events to insure compliance. The CME Department will aid and direct program planning, commercial support, program brochure/flyer, and maintenance of records.

In order to successfully implement a CME activity, two important factors must take place. The first being the cooperation between the CME Committee and the CME staff that requires active and effective communication. The second major component consists of knowing and understanding the respective roles and responsibilities which facilitate a CME activity.

CME Advisory Committee Responsibilities

St. Mary’s Health Care System, Inc. CME Committee is a committee which represents the different clinical departments. Members are nominated on an annual basis, therefore allowing a variety of representation. The CME Committee advises and assists the Continuing Medical Education Coordinator in establishing policies and procedures for the overall continuing medical education program. The following responsibilities are maintained by this committee:

  • Establishes the CME Mission Statement and recommends adoption of the CME Mission Statement by the St. Mary’s Healthcare System governing body.
  • Reviews and approves CME Policies and Procedures
  • Assists the CME Department with departmental educational needs
  • Reviews and approves CME credit for programs meeting the ACCME Essential Areas and their Elements (Unique/Ongoing)
  • Participates in the evaluation of the overall CME program

The CME Committee meets on a quarterly basis. The agenda is established by the Continuing Medical Education Coordinator. Meeting minutes are distributed to every member of the committee meeting. New CME Committee members are required to sign a disclosure form.

2018 CME Committee:

  • Achilia Morrow, MD Chairperson
  • Bradford Burgess, DO
  • Jason Smith, MD
  • Michelle Nuss, MD
  • Srilakshmi Rebala, MD
  • Alan Morgan, MD
  • Robert Meyer, MD
  • Eduardo Martinez, MD
  • Amit Shah, MD
  • Titus Gambrell, DNP, RN-BC
  • Gary Wright, PharmD
  • Elizabeth Sovereign
  • Elizabeth Melvin, Education and Training Manager
  • Chrys Moore, Medical Education Coordinator
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