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Observing is a way to view the responsibilities of someone working in a field that interests you. Anyone looking to do an observation will need to contact Chrys Moore at (706)389-3848.  Please note: Observers are not guaranteed employment or an interview with the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

Observers include the following: (Click to View)

  • Students 16 years and older.
  • Post-high school, college students.
  • Physicians, nurses or other healthcare professionals not on staff at St. Mary’s Health Care System.

Observers exclude the following: (Click to View)

  • Members of the Medical Staff of St. Mary’s Health Care System.

  • Individuals on a pre-arranged tour of any of the facilities within St. Mary’s Health Care System.

  • Clinical Students and Medical Students who have been placed at St. Mary’s Health Care System as part of affiliation and program agreements established with their respective colleges or universities.

Guidelines for length of observation: (Click to View)

  • For students still in High School age 16 and older, the guideline for length of observation is less than or equal to one workday. Student’s legal guardian’s consent required.

  • For post-high school professional students and other healthcare professionals not on staff at St. Mary’s Health Care System, the guideline for length of observation ranges from a few hours on a predetermined day, to as much as 20 hours over 1-month period.

Please review the steps below to learn more about the observer/job shadow process

Step 1: Inquire about a sponsor for your observation experience. (Click to View)

  • Some areas only accept observers during certain times of the year, and some do not accept observers due to patient demands. To find out availability, call the Medical Education Department at (706)389-3848.
  • Please note: There is no guarantee that an Employee, Physician, or Credentialed Allied Health Provider will be able and willing to sponsor an observation experience. Observers are set up on a case-by-case basis with the department you’re visiting, but most experiences last for about 4-8 hours on a given day. Once a sponsor has been located, you should discuss the observer arrangement with your sponsor to figure out a time that works best for both of you. For more information, please contact Chrys Moore via email or phone (706)389-3848.

Step 3: Submit the following to Chrys Moore, Medical Education Coordinator: (Click to View)

Send to Chrys Moore via hand delivery to the Graduate Medical Education Department, email, or fax (706) 389-3861.

  • a. Immunization Records
    • b. Two-step TB Skin Test is required if this is the initial test or it has been great than a year. This is two separate TB skin tests, given one to three weeks apart within the past 12 months. (St. Mary’s does not provide this service)

i. TB tests may be done at a county health department, your private physician's office, or at your student health service.
ii. If TB skin test is positive, a documented report of a negative chest x-ray must be on file. In addition, TB symptom survey must be on file dated from within the last 12 months.
iii. If the observer has a history of a past positive TB skin test, proof of the positive TB skin test must be provided along with a documented report of a negative chest x-ray.

    • Proof of the Flu vaccination if indicated on the Influenza Vaccination/Declination form for the current influenza season October 1-March 31. (St. Mary’s does not provide this service)

Step 5: Pick up Observer Badge (Click to View)

  • Once Medical Education has confirmed that your paperwork is complete, you will receive information about picking up an observer badge. Prior to picking up badge, St. Mary’s will run a Sanction Check on all Job Shadows/Observers and check the Georgia Sex Offender Registry List .

Welcome, we look forward to working with you.


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