St. Mary's Medical Education

The Internal Medicine Ambulatory Practice is part of St. Mary’s Medical Group and is located in the Resource Medical Office Complex. Each room is fully equipped with a computer for accessing electronic medical records and online databases. We recently expanded upon the Ambulatory Practice to accommodate the additional residents by adding six patient exam rooms and a larger waiting area for patients. The expansion also allows the addition of a social worker to the staff and provide same-day appointments on most days.

The purpose of the Ambulatory Practice is to provide an opportunity for residents to develop their ambulatory care skills while serving as the primary care providers for their personal panel of patients. Residents are supervised by experienced faculty physicians who are board-certified in Internal Medicine and who are faculty at the AU/UGA Medical Partnership.

To develop and improve ambulatory care skills, a half-day per week of Ambulatory Practice is assigned to each resident during each year of training. An additional three half-day sessions per week of practice will be assigned during the two ambulatory block rotations. Residents will not have ambulatory responsibilities while completing rotations in ICU, Night Medicine, or Rural Inpatient.

Residents care for a diverse panel of patients including both privately insured and uninsured patients. Residents will see a broad variety of medical issues and will be able to follow the evolution of care among their patient population during their training.

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