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Welcome to St. Mary’s Health Care System! Below, you will find our student requirements listed in each step.  Please review all online documents and complete all prior to beginning your clinical rotation at St. Mary’s. Should you have any questions regarding:

Clinical and Non-clinical Students (Click to View)

-contact the Clinical Education Department at (706) 389-2150.

Advance Practice Students (Click to View)

– contact the Graduate Medical Education Department at (706) 389-3848.

Students include the following: (Click to View)

  • Practicum Students: Pre-Med, Pre-Nursing, Public Health Administration, Exercise & Sports Science, Health Promotion & Behavior, and other clinical fields not listed
  • Clinical Students: Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Radiology Technician, Social Worker, Sonographer, Lab Technician
  • Non-clinical Students: Any student or intern not requiring direct or indirect patient care experience. Examples are Marketing Intern, Legal Services Intern, HIM Intern
  • Advance Practice Students: Physician Assistant, Nursing Anesthetist, Nurse Practitioner, Mid-wife, Anesthesiologist Assistant, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Medical Students: Student attending Medical School to be a physician
  • Pharmacy Student: Pharmacist

Please review the steps below to learn more about the process

Step 1: Inquire about Affiliation Agreement and Locate a Preceptor (Click to View)

Confirm St. Mary's has a current Student Affiliation Agreement in place with your school before beginning the orientation process.  To confirm that an Agreement exists, please contact the following:

Clinical and Non-clinical Students

Kim Lawrence

(706) 389-2150


Advance Practice Students

Chrys Moore - Medical Education Coordinator

(706) 389-3848


Once the Affiliation Agreement is in place, it is the student's responsibility to locate a preceptor.

Step 2: Submit the Items from the Checklist of Requirements (Click to View)

School and/or Student provide the following via email or fax:

Graduate Medical Education (706) 389-3861 or email to

Clinical Education (706) 389-2151 or email to

  1. A letter of good standing from the program coordinator and/or director. The letter should list the rotation the student will be on while at St. Mary’s, including dates, as well as the medical staff member that has agreed to sponsor/precept the student.
  2. Copy of Clinical Objectives, Schedule, and Contact Information
  3. Current Immunization Record or Titers
  4. Copy of the last two TB Skin Test. A two-step TB Skin Test is required if this is the initial test or it has been greater than a year. This is two separate TB skin tests, given one to three weeks apart within the past 12 months.
  5. Proof of Flu vaccination if indicated on the Influenza Vaccination Declination form for the current season October 1 – March 31
  6. Current Health and History Exam by a qualified healthcare provider and must indicate a health status that is sufficient for the learning experience.
  7. Criminal Background Check results – arranged by your educational institution and must be from St. Mary’s Health Care System’s list of approved companies.
  8. Seven-panel drug screen must be completed while in the program of study and includes Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Amphetamines, THC, Opiates, Barbiturates and Phencyclidines.
  9. Copy of current BLS certification (CPR)
  10. Copy of Medical Malpractice Insurance provided by the training program
  11. Copy of current Professional License for all licensed professional students
  12. Signed Electronic Documentation Training Form for students that require Meditech access
  13. Color headshot for St. Mary’s ID badges in jpeg format (applies to Advance Practice Students Only)
  14. Copy of FIT Test if done through school
  15. Signed Electronic Documentation Training Form (click here for form) for students that require Meditech access.  Once signed, email or fax to the appropriate representative (as stated above).


Student completes the below documents ONLINE via

  1. Student Information Form, Flu Declination Form, Hepatitis B Vaccination Form: located under Step 3
  2. Hospital Orientation, Test/Checklist, and Confidentiality Agreement: located under Step 4

Step 5: Pick up Buddy Badge or Identification Badge (Click to View)

Clinical and Non-clinical students will pick up a buddy badge in the Clinical Education Department


Advance Practice Students will pick up Identification Badge in the Graduate Medical Education Office. Please bring a valid form of identification or driver’s license for verification.

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